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We are working directly with a friend and coworker from Southport Police Department to help support Officer Rich Parnell in his time of need.  All proceeds will be donated to Rich Parnell.  

Here’s Officer Rich Parnell’s story:

Rich began battling stage 3 cancer in October of 2017.  He is in the middle of one heck of a fight right now. Rich has given so much to the community that it would be a shame not to step up in his time of need.

Rich is a 2 year vet of the City of Southport Police Department. This is a mostly Reserve Officer department. Because of this, many officers do not have any medical coverage. In his time on at the City of Southport Police Department he has continued to dedicate much of his personal time to bettering the community. On top of his patrol duties he has participated in raising money and donations for multiple charities including those dedicated to bettering the lifes of children and battered women.

Rich has been unable to work at all and has had no income for over several months now. He is a loving member of the Thin Blue Line family. Sadly we are his only family, and as you all know "No one in this family fights alone!!!" Please purchase a shirt or share with everyone possible, let him know We Have his 6.

Southport Police Chief Tom Vaughn released the following statement in September of 2018:

“It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that the Southport Police Department must announce the passing of Officer Richard “Rich” Parnell. Rich served the City of Southport Police Department with honor, integrity, and distinction since 2015. Prior to that Rich has a lengthy law enforcement career. Rich was a proud member of the Southport Police Honor Guard and also served as a Field Training Officer. Rich was diagnosed with Cancer in 2017 at which time he began treatment and has battled with the cancer advancing. On September 27, 2018 at approximately 11:00am Rich lost his battle against cancer while surrounded by his friends, family, and fellow police officers at an Indianapolis Hospital.” 

Rest In Peace Officer Parnell

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