Honor a Hero Project went above and beyond to make a special t shirt for our family. They even made onesies for our little babies! Honor a Hero project is so beautiful and we’re forever grateful for the work they did for us! 
Rachel Flick
Family of Deputy Micah Flick
Organizations like Honor a Hero Project exist because they know how to fill a void before the void, heartache, and sorrow is even imagined. Because of Honor a Hero Project communities come together and people everywhere are able to HONOR those that are taken from us. Our fallen are not just honored, they are remembered every time someone puts on their gear. While the financial support these items provide is necessary, honoring and remembering a hero is priceless. 
Megan Karn
Wife of a Police Officer 

Honor A Hero Project is honorable and true to life. In my time of need they were quick, and I mean QUICK, to reach out to my family and I to assist with anything to help my fight against brain cancer! They honestly care; they are a HUGE part of keeping  me so motivated to drive on, push, and fight harder. Thank You SO MUCH Honor A Hero Project!  It is companies like you that makes us proud to serve again.
Tim Lively  
Retired Police Lieutenant
The quality of their shirts is excellent. The quality of their hearts and motivation to help others is even better. As the father of Seth Amos I don’t have words to express how grateful I am to our new Honor a Hero Project family!!!
Chris Amos  
Retired Police Officer and National Chaplain    
 Recently I had the unfortunate privilege and honor to work with this amazing company. From the moment I made contact, everyone began working on a design for a T-shirt in honor of our fallen officer. The shirts were ready for sale that same day. All of the proceeds from the T-shirt sales went to the officers family. Which was much needed. To know that there are people so compassionate for the Law Enforcement community and their families is a breath of fresh air.  I cannot express enough my gratitude for all they have done.
Officer Liz Roys
Coworker of Officer Kelvin Bailey